Got Erosion?

BPIA maintains a Protection Fund to help property owners on the Pond who perceive they have erosion problems that directly affect the health and well-being of Bear Pond.

Homeowner’s are encouraged to complete the Application for Grant from Bear Pond Protection Fund and explain the erosion problems they are facing on their land.

BPIA’s Protection Committee accepts Applications from property owners who identify erosion problems on their land.  After all applications are reviewed, the Committee awards grants based on severity, cost, labor and time constraints.

The criteria used to determine assistance is as follows:
♦Problem identified by property owner
♦Reviewed by property owner and committee members
♦Full assessment and correction plan drawn up by Fiddlehead Consulting – including actions/materials/costs
♦Homeowner agrees to pay 50% of cost
♦Plans approved by Hartford or Turner code enforcement office
♦Permission of abutting land owners (if needed)
♦Approval of Department of Environmental Protection (if needed)
♦Solicitation of volunteers

Over the past 7 years, the Committee has reviewed over 35 potential erosion sites.  To date, twelve sites were corrected at a cost of $8,000 from the Protection Fund matched by
$8,000 from the land owners. The Committee is always willing to work with land owners to correct problems. Homeowners can contact a Committee member and/or complete a Protection Fund Application.

In July 2000, the Association began working with Oxford County Soil and Water Conservation, and numerous representatives from the Maine DEP to conduct a watershed survey.  Numerous volunteers participated in the field surveys in May 2001.  A Watershed Survey Report was written and submitted to numerous agencies. This report served as an application for funding to repair problem sites within the Bear Pond Watershed . In early 2002, BPIA received word that our application was accepted by the Maine DEP.

Check out our About Bear Pond page for information on identifying possible threats to Bear Pond.