How can I help the BPIA?

Become an Apprentice!  Pick a Committee or two or three that interests you:  water testing, invasive plants, water markers, dam keepers, newsletter, membership, environmental protection, refreshment, etc.  Work side by side with our present volunteers to see how things are accomplished.  BPIA has made some major accomplishments toward keeping Our Pond pristine and healthy; but it’s going to take the future generations to keep up what we have done and to continue to do so, moving forward.  Please contact us if you have an interest.  Become a Member…

Are there any Lake Rules?

1. Water skiers and wake boarders need a spotter (age 10+) in addition to a driver.
2. All boaters must go at slow or no wake speed anywhere within 200 ft. of the shore line.
3. The driver of a boat may not drink alcohol on the boat.
4. Game wardens on lakes/ponds have the same authority as police officers on the road.
5. Boaters need to turn on their lights at sunset.
6. Swimmers in the middle of the pond must be accompanied by someone in a boat.
7. Every boat must have valid registration, fire extinguisher, life jackets (1/person).
8. Children under 10 must be wearing their life jacket.
9. NO BATHING, NO SHAMPOOING HAIR, etc. in the pond. The phosphorus in soap is our enemy and leads to algae blooms and very visible green slime!
10. See the Buoy Map for details on navigational aids.

What’s up with the BUOY’s?
buoy map
Check out our handy Buoy Map

In 2012 BPIA’s Water Hazards Committee purchased buoys to mark various hazards throughout Big and Little Bear Ponds.  Refer to the Spring, 2013 Newsletter for complete details. The buoys are put in place every April as soon after Ice Out as possible and removed after October 1st.

How can I help protect Bear Pond?

You can help by letting us help you in identifying potential threats.  The BIGGEST threat to a lake is soil erosion which carries phosphorus and plant fertilizer – changing a crystal blue lake into a slimy green one choked with algae.  It is far cheaper and easier to prevent problems than it is to fix them later!
RULE 1: COVER BARE AREAS: Bare soil near the pond can be covered to a depth of 4 inches with EMC (an erosion control mix) made up of stump grindings that are heavier than regular mulch and hold the soil well.
RULE 2: PLANT A VEGETATIVE BUFFER: A plant buffer is a lake’s best friend trapping and absorbing soil sediment. There are low growing bushes that do not block your lake view.
RULE 3: GET WATER OFF ROADS, PATHS AND DRIVEWAYS ASAP: Open culverts and use of peat gravel can help and for seasonal camps a rubber bar across the road to divert water.
More complicated projects may qualify for a grant.  Contact BPIA’s Protection Committee for information.

Help! Geese!  What can I do about them?

Check out our Wildlife Page for some short term solution ideas and links to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services’ available programs.

What’s a Watershed?
A watershed is the area of land that drains into a particular body of water such as a stream, river, pond or lake.  A watershed is determined by the hills and valleys of the landscape.


Volunteers Needed for Erosion Project

The Protection Committee is looking for volunteers on Saturday June 24th, at 9:00 AM, to help with an erosion control project at the Goodwin’s at 99 West Cove Road in Hartford. This project includes the installation of infiltration steps, and is similar to some prior projects completed by the Committee. The project includes digging out the gravel from the existing steps, installation of geotextile fabric, and refilling with 3/4” inch stone. Ike and Bertha Goodwin will install rain gutters and a rain barrel and Ike will provide his bucket tractor to help remove old gravel and fill, in the steps with new stone.
Eva Leavitt has taken some pictures of the existing conditions at the site. We have contacted Bill Vantassel (Country Currier) and he plans to be at the Goodwin’s on the 24th to take some pictures and write an article on our project.  Since this project will require some heavy labor, it would be very helpful to have some young, fit people to assist on he 24th. (Sons, Grandsons, Friends, Weight Lifters).
Call Pete Pilsbury at 224-7020 to reserve your spot, and get additional information.

Boat Parade

Independence Day Boat Parade | July 4, 2017 – 2:00 p.m.

Contact BPIA’s President, Henry Pelletier, prior to the start of the Parade for Contest Entry

Anything goes as far as design. Boats make a slow loop around Big Bear and judges evaluate and pick the top three.

Boats meet at the northwest side of the pond at 2 p.m. in front of the Goodwin’s camp; located on the left, a few places prior to the narrows, where the first buoy is placed.


Membership in the Association is open to all persons interested in Bear Pond who have paid the annual dues.  Each membership shall entitle the owner and spouse, or owners and spouses, to vote at meetings. The owner, or owners, may delegate their vote to a relative or friend by giving that person a WRITTEN proxy.  Regardless of the amount of property owned, each owner or owners is entitled to ONLY ONE MEMBERSHIP.  Annual Dues must be paid to the secretary on or before the date of the annual meeting (in July) in order for property owner to be eligible to vote at the general meetings of the Association.  Anyone interested in contributing the dues to the association who is not a property owner may become a non-voting member upon the recommendation of a member in good standing and the acceptance by a two-thirds vote of the members present at the next regular meeting after his/her recommendation.

Please refer to the BPIA_Bylaws for more detailed information.

Annual dues is $25. Complete the Annual Dues Payment Form and send it along with your payment to:  BPIA | P.O. Box 4 | North Turner, ME  04266

There are approximately 250 homes along the shoreline of Big and Little Bear Ponds and is home to Camp Wekeela and Camp Berea. The watershed has an additional large number of homes.

Current Membership (as of 12/31/16)

BPIA Meetings

Boofy Quimby Memorial Center – Sundays @ 9:00 a.m.boofy quimby hall_sm
96 Howes Corner Road (Rte. 219)
Turner, ME

June 25th | July 30th | August 27th

BPIA Meetings are open to all persons interested in Bear Pond who have paid their annual membership dues.

Each membership shall entitle the owner and spouse, or owners and spouses, to vote at meetings. The owner, or owners, may delegate their vote to a relative or friend by giving that person a WRITTEN proxy. Regardless of the amount of property owned, each owner or owners is entitled to ONLY ONE MEMBERSHIP.

Annual Dues must be paid to the secretary on or before the date of the Annual Meeting (July) in order for property owner to be eligible to vote at the general meetings of the Association. Anyone interested in contributing a dues to the association who is not a property owner may become a non-voting member upon the recommendation of a member in good standing and the acceptance by a two-thirds vote of the members present at the next regular meeting after his/her recommendation.

Annual dues is $25; payable to: BPIA | P.O. Box 4 | North Turner, ME 04266

Fun Day

Bear Pond Community Fun Day
Saturday, July 22, 2017
11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Boat LaunchThe Bear Pond Improvement Association will sponsor Bear Pond Community Fun Day* from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm Saturday July 22, 2017.  Events will be held at the boat launch picnic area on 65 Berry Road in Turner.

Kids games and activities are planned throughout the day under the direction of Gretchen Kimball including a Coloring Contest with Natalie Pilsbury and Face Painting with Connie Bilodeau . Prizes will be awarded.  A lunch of Burgers and Hot Dogs will be provided free to all attendees from 11:30 to 12:30.

Guest Speaker, humorist and historian Lawrence “Punk” House will tell stories beginning at 12:30 about some of the Founding Association Members from 1958. That Membership list consisted of 42 families who will be recognized. Bear Pond Improvement Association annual dues are $25 for 2017 and can be paid at the Membership table. Over the past three decades the family memberships have reached a high number of 141. Let’s try for a new record.

Those attending should plan to bring their own chairs. Cottage Families are encouraged to arrive by boat, if possible. No alcohol, swimming or dogs are allowed at the Bear Pond Community Fun Day event.

BPIA is a volunteer based nonprofit organization of nearly 150 member families whose purpose is to oversee the well-being of Big Bear and Little Bear ponds and the surrounding watershed in Turner and Hartford, Maine.  Its goals are to maintain the health and beauty of Bear Pond for the benefit of all human and wildlife residents.

The following two events are planned to coincide with the Fun Day activities:

Fishing Derby

A Fishing Derby for youth ages 15 years and younger will be held all day Friday July 21st thru noon Saturday the 22nd on Big and Little Bear Pond. Bring your catch to the camp of Kent Mitchell at 41 Jones Road on Little Bear (207)778-1445 for measurement and a photo.  Trophies will be awarded at Fun Day. Catch and release is encouraged.

Poker Run*

A Poker Run is scheduled for Friday evening, July 21st with four cottager families at the Cormiers, Greens, Johnsons, and Pikes on the ponds. They will have posters marking the stops. The final card available for purchase at Fun Day will be at the boat launch. Contact Pete Angell at 207-225-3737 for information on the poker run.

*All activities, other than the poker run, are being sponsored by BPIA at no cost to attendees.

Scholarship Opportunity

Scholarship Application Form must be postmarked no later than July 1, 2017 for consideration.

The Bear Pond Improvement Association scholarships were established in August of 2013. The scholarships have been established for the following purposes:

• to give back to the Bear Pond communities, and
• to promote the organization and its mission

through funding post-secondary educational opportunities for deserving high school graduates. Up to two $500 scholarships may be awarded.

Guidelines to be used when selecting recipients include:

• graduating high school seniors who have parents or grandparents that are members of BPIA in good standing for at least three years,
• full time post-secondary student (12 credit per semester minimum) for the 2017-18 academic year in a two or four year accredited institution,
• a completed and carefully prepared application, which includes a one page essay explaining why the applicant should be selected to receive one of the scholarships,
• an official high school transcript
• the completed application mailed to BPIA Scholarship Committee at P.O. Box 4, North Turner, ME 04266 postmarked on or before July 1, 2017.

Scholarship recipients will be announced in August of 2017. Awards will be presented during second semester of the student’s freshman year of post- secondary study once a first semester transcript is sent to BPIA Scholarship Committee at P.O. Box 4, North Turner, ME 04266. Recipients are required to maintain a minimum 2.5 grade point average during their first semester to receive the scholarship.

Got Stuff?

This page is available to all BPIA Members as a way to post items you have For Sale/Trade/Wanted/Needed that other BPIA Members may be interested in….