About Us

The Bear Pond Improvement Association (BPIA) is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization of nearly 200 member families whose purpose is to oversee the well-being of Big and Little Bear Ponds as well as the surrounding watershed in Turner and Hartford, Maine. Our goals are to maintain the health and beauty of Bear Pond for the benefit of all human and wildlife residents.  See the BPIA_Bylaws for a description of our governing process.

Membership in the Association is open to all persons interested in Bear Pond.  There are approximately 250 homes along the shoreline of Big and Little Bear Ponds with an additional large number of homes within its watershed.  Bear Pond is also home to Camp Wekeela and Camp Berea.

Annual dues is $25.  Complete the Annual Dues Payment Form and send it along with your payment to:  BPIA | P.O. Box 4 | No. Turner, ME 04266
Your Membership is IMPORTANT…….Our Lake Depends on It!

Bear Pond is a beautiful lake but, as with all lakes, it is a very fragile natural resource that could be permanently impacted by any number of threats.  These problems are very real and one does not have to look far to see examples of these threats:
•Problems with the Canton Lake dam resulted in multiple years with low water.
•Invasive weeds in Lake Auburn have taken over one cove.
•Numerous algae blooms on Sabbattus Pond make swimming and boating undesirable.

BPIA was founded in 1958 in an effort to preserve and protect Bear Pond.  BPIA sponsors the following activities to ensure that property values and recreational opportunities are not negatively impacted:

Become an Apprentice:  Pick a Committee or two or three that interests you:  water testing, invasive plants, water markers, dam keepers, newsletter, membership, environmental protection, refreshment, etc.  Work side by side with our present volunteers to see how things are accomplished.  BPIA has made some major accomplishments toward keeping Our Pond pristine and healthy; but it’s going to take the future generations to keep up what we have done and to continue to do so, moving forward.  Please contact us if you have an interest.  Become a Member…

2017 BPIA Representatives:

President:  Henry Pelletier | 207.224.0186
Vice President:  Larry Giroux | 207.224.7674
Secretary:  Karen Wilcox | 207.224.8061
Treasurer:  Eva Leavitt | 207.224.7139

Board of Directors:

Mike Gordon | 207.224.7812
Pete Angell | 207.225.3737
Pete Pilsbury | 207.225.3271
Mary Wallace | 207.224.7198
Kent Mitchell | 207.224.7375
Joan Kelly |

Committee Members:

Damkeepers:  D.Twitchell | L. Giroux
Loon Nest:  J. Driscoll | R. Beaudet
Newsletter:  R. Bray | M. Wallace | D. Warriner
Website:  R. Bray | Lisa Hillcoat
Refreshments:  Larry & Cindy Giroux
Maine Lakes Society:  L. Breidenbach
Membership/Fundraising:  E. Hoy | M. Wallace | L. Breidenbach | D. Maxwell
Lake Hazards:  R. Bois | D. Bois | M. Wallace | P. Pilsbury | R. Bray
Protection:P. Pilsbury | M. Gordon | K. Mitchell | W.Weed | E. Leavitt
Monitors/Invasive Plants:  R. Bray | K. Mitchell | J. Kelly | L. Breidenbach | G. Kimball
Delta:  L. Breidenbach | P. Pilsbury | M. Gordon | D. Bois | M. Harris | E. Fuller
Fun Day:  L. & C. Giroux | P. & K. Angell | P. & N. Pilsbury | K. & P. Mitchell | T. & M. Gordon | E. Leavitt | D. Maxwell | M. Wallace | B. Goddard