Membership in the Association is open to all persons interested in Bear Pond who have paid the annual dues.  Each membership shall entitle the owner and spouse, or owners and spouses, to vote at meetings. The owner, or owners, may delegate their vote to a relative or friend by giving that person a WRITTEN proxy.  Regardless of the amount of property owned, each owner or owners is entitled to ONLY ONE MEMBERSHIP.  Annual Dues must be paid to the secretary on or before the date of the annual meeting (in July) in order for property owner to be eligible to vote at the general meetings of the Association.  Anyone interested in contributing the dues to the association who is not a property owner may become a non-voting member upon the recommendation of a member in good standing and the acceptance by a two-thirds vote of the members present at the next regular meeting after his/her recommendation.

Please refer to the BPIA_Bylaws for more detailed information.

Annual dues is $25. Complete the Annual Dues Payment Form and send it along with your payment to:  BPIA | P.O. Box 4 | North Turner, ME  04266

There are approximately 250 homes along the shoreline of Big and Little Bear Ponds and is home to Camp Wekeela and Camp Berea. The watershed has an additional large number of homes.

Current Membership (as of 12/31/16)