Volunteers Needed for Erosion Project

The Protection Committee is looking for volunteers on Saturday June 24th, at 9:00 AM, to help with an erosion control project at the Goodwin’s at 99 West Cove Road in Hartford. This project includes the installation of infiltration steps, and is similar to some prior projects completed by the Committee. The project includes digging out the gravel from the existing steps, installation of geotextile fabric, and refilling with 3/4” inch stone. Ike and Bertha Goodwin will install rain gutters and a rain barrel and Ike will provide his bucket tractor to help remove old gravel and fill, in the steps with new stone.
Eva Leavitt has taken some pictures of the existing conditions at the site. We have contacted Bill Vantassel (Country Currier) and he plans to be at the Goodwin’s on the 24th to take some pictures and write an article on our project.  Since this project will require some heavy labor, it would be very helpful to have some young, fit people to assist on he 24th. (Sons, Grandsons, Friends, Weight Lifters).
Call Pete Pilsbury at 224-7020 to reserve your spot, and get additional information.

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