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This page is available to all BPIA Members as a way to post items you have For Sale/Trade/Wanted/Needed that other BPIA Members may be interested in….

One Comment on “Got Stuff?

  1. WANTED: in need of pontoon boat on July 11, 2017 to come across pond to let some balloons go and to have Santa Claus aboard it (me as Santa). This is for Pinnacle Elderly beach day. Can anyone help me with this? The elderly would so love to see this. Please call me at 207-754-3373. I would pay for anyone who can do this for me. I really want to thank you in advance. We would meet at the boat launch and go across the pond at 12:00. It would only require about half of an hour’s time and would bring great joy to the elderly forever. It’s just for Santa to wave at them and let balloons go. I would also be putting a banner on the boat to say “I Love You Pinnacle”, if I may; so please call if you can help me make their day more exciting and fun filled. Thank you… Again, it is July 11, 2017. Thank you from Dominique Richardson; 1487 Bear Pond Rd., Hartford, ME 04220. Calling me is the only way to contact me. I DO NOT have email. 207-754-3373

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