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Bear Pond Related Documents

Dam Water Level Finding of Fact by the State Soil and Water Conservation Commission (14kb PDF file) -- This is the document from the state that specifies the water level that is to be maintained by the Dam Keeper.

2002 Water Testing Results (139Kg PDF file)  -- This is the format of the test results that the DEP provides.   It has the full history of results for Big Bear (Basin #1) and Little Bear (Basin #2) and the 2002 results.


General Information

The Dock Primer (958kb PDF file) -- This is a nice summary of how to design and build a dock that is environmentally responsible.  This is from a Canadian publication called Cottage Life, so some of the regulations may not apply.

The Shore Primer (1.01Mb PDF file) -- This describes how to maintain a healthy shoreline that will have minimal detrimental impact.   This is also from Cottage Life.

The Lake Ecology Primer (871Kb PDF File) -- This is an excellent source of information on lakes.

Source Water Protection Manual (209Kb PDF File  ) --  This guidance manual was prepared by the Senator George J. Mitchell Center for Environmental and Watershed Research in partnership with the Maine Water Utilities Association and the Maine Drinking Water Program.




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